Are You Ready For  The Journey? 

Imagine being able to diagnose yourself. 


Recognizing what systems of your body are out of balance and having the tools to clear any disease or ailment


Sound too good to be true?


In fact, more and more research is showing that we may actually have the power to heal ourselves by working with our body's own Energy System.  

This course is going to teach you WHAT this energy system is, it's main centers of POWER, and HOW to use this information for transformational self healing!  

By understanding the function of our unique energy systems, we can consciously apply techniques to balance, align, and clear harmful energy frequencies (EMF).  When we bring all of our body's energy into balance our body will naturally go to work healing and repairing itself

It may seem far fetched, but these energy centers, or "Chakras" can actually be manipulated through our conscious control.  By doing certain exercises we can increase or decrease the flow of energy.  Utilizing meditation, yoga, essential oil support, color therapy and more, we have many tools at our disposal to establish harmony and ease at every level of our being.

Consider the implications! 


If you have the power to manipulate your body's energy flow, and the energy flow manipulates the physical state of your body, you actually possess an untapped potential to Heal Yourself !

This program is for you if: 

  • You have something going on with your health and you've been left with little to no help from your doctors. 

  • You have tried diets, cleanses, and other fitness programs in the past, but didn't get the results you were looking for.

  • You are sick of taking a battery of medications that only create new symptoms instead of making you well. 

  • You recognize that true health and wellness must be addressed from a holistic  perspective instead of treating individual symptoms.  

  • You are ready to take back your life and manage your own health and wellness in a safe, non-toxic, natural way.  

If you recognize yourself in any of those categories, it is time to turn the tables on your health and happiness


Far too many people find themselves suffering at the mercy of our modern healthcare systems, taking one treatment after another without ever actually getting well. 

But there IS something you can do. 

There IS a solution that will work! 

YOU have the power inside to live in harmony and health. 

I am going to show you HOW

This complete training course is going to teach you everything you need to know to get started working with your Chakras.  You will understand how each one works, the parts of the body it controls, what emotions are associated with each one and techniques to energize and balance all seven of these key centers.  

Sign up now and get unlimited access to this Journey Through The Chakras for only $49!  


Your course includes:

  • A curated collection of 15 unique videos guiding you through yoga and meditation practices for each chakra and an extended full body Chakra balancing guided meditation. 

  • A downloadable PDF Chakra Guide

  • Unlimited Access to Content with Offline Viewing 

  • Exclusive Access to our private Facebook group 

Access Your Journey Any  Time, Any Where!

Once you register, you will be able to download all course content onto your computer or external drive and follow along any time you need an

energy reset.  

One Step At A Time: 


Now offering individual Chakra Sets! 


Not sure you're ready to take on the whole Journey?  

Just looking to explore one chakra at a time?  

Each set includes a yoga flow video, a discussion and guided meditation video, as well as a downloadable Chakra Chart and definition of each center.  

Now available to purchase for $9.99


3 day rental for $3.99

chakra 1.png

But wait!

If you want to get the absolute maximum benefit from this course AND the most personal support from me, consider registering with the

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Emotional Aromatherapy Essential Oils Kit.  

This is one of my favorite collections that supports the energy of the chakras beautifully.  Each oil is carefully blended to support our emotional and mental state, which can help us ground into the energy of each of our chakras with awareness and attention.  While there are many different oils that support the chakras, and in the course I will be giving you lots of suggestions, this kit is the perfect place to start if you are new to oils or are looking for specific blends to balance the chakras.  

Your essential oils kit comes at $195 + tax & shipping.



When you select this package, you will also receive: 

  • Six unique essential oil blends

  • A Diffuser

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to say "YES" to your health and well being.  Take control and live empowered with these ancient teachings I am going to share. 


Now is the time. 

You have the power. 

Your health is in your hands.