The Jen Hilman Community offers More than just Yoga!

After years of filming YouTube videos, traveling to foreign lands, studying and learning from masters, and teaching countless workshops and special events, I am thrilled to finally be able to expand my online community of friends!

Seven years ago when I first began making videos for YouTube, I never had an idea as to how far my reach would be. Within just a couple of years, my viewers were growing by the thousands and emails were rolling in daily thanking me for my videos, asking me questions, and seeking my advice for a variety of aches and pains. It became nearly impossible for me to answer every person and I knew I had to find a way to meet the demand of the hundreds of people who were reaching out to me for guidance.

I came to realize that most of the messages I was getting were from people who were seeking to reduce their chronic pain, lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, and generally take greater control of their own health. Unfortunately, because I was filming videos for YouTube channels run by third party producers, it was not up to me to determine what kind of content I would be presenting. Offering beginner's yoga and basic stretches has been a wonderful way to introduce people who are first coming to the mat, but the journey to optimal wellness of body, mind, and spirit truly only BEGINS there. In order to see the life transformation one is seeking, wellness must be considered in a holistic view. For those of you who are ready to dive deeper into the endless well of yoga and holistic living, your community is finally here!

Now, in the Jen Hilman Community, I am finally able to take creative control over what content we put out there for you. The new channel will include tons of new and exclusive yoga videos including pose breakdowns, advanced sequences, guided meditations, and specialized classes. Not only that, I will be uploading more massage videos (back by popular demand!), essential oil wellness videos, and a brand new segment for cooking and nutrition, showing you how to prepare quick, easy, and nutritious meals! With all aspects of healthy living being presented, you can now take greater steps towards the healthier, happier life you desire!

Your subscription starts with a 7 day free trial giving you an opportunity to browse the channel and enjoy the variety of new videos we've created. Your annual subscription is available at the low cost of $90. While this may sound like a lot to commit up front, the actual value of what you are receiving goes far beyond $90. That is less than the cost of a month of classes at most regular studios. Less than the cost of most folks monthly cell phone bill. For less than $10 per month, you will be receiving:

- Unlimited Access To All Content On The Site

- New Uploads Posted Every Week

- Offline Viewing Options

- Community Chat Forum

- Special Offers Exclusively For Community Members

It is my aim to provide this exclusive content to you at the lowest price possible so there is really just no reason NOT to make this investment in yourself. If you have been one of my faithful YouTube viewers, this will probably be the best investment you make all year! And to sweeten the deal, I am giving away a free copy of my DVD, Radiant Heart Yoga Flow, to the first 100 subscribers! So what are you waiting for? You've got nothing to lose, and only health and joy to gain!

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