Tired of Sleepless Nights? Try These 3 Remedies.

Stress. Anxiety. Restless Legs. Insomnia.

Whatever it is that is keeping you awake each night, it can be extremely frustrating, exhausting, and even debilitating, loosing those precious hours of sleep. There are all sorts of consequences to missing a night of sleep, and even more so when it's happening consecutively.

Unfortunately, sleeping pills are a drag and leave you feeling groggy and foggy the next day. Not to mention, they can be expensive and have other negative side effects on mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical capability when used over the long term.

Ever wonder what sorts of Natural Alternatives might help you get those desperately needed ZZZ's? Fortunately, there are some simple, accessible solutions listed below.

1. Yoga

I know, I know. You hear it from me all the time. "Do more yoga!" But for real. In this case, spending a few minutes before bed stretching and connecting to your breath can greatly reduce the amount of physical aches and pains in your body making it easier for you to drop into a state of relaxation when you lay down to sleep.

If you are someone who suffers with Restless Leg Syndrome or other physical discomfort that makes it difficult for you to relax, 10-15 minutes of concentrated movement could help alleviate your symptoms.

Don't know where to begin?

Check out this free video from YogaTX guiding you through some simple stretches to help you start to relax right away.

2. Meditation

Although meditating may seem daunting or downright scary to some people, it is actually one of the most powerful tools we have for changing our state of mind, and therefore, the state of our body.

Beginning with the breath we can influence and slow down our heart rate. In reducing the heart rate, we begin to slow down the nervous system. The Parasympathetic Nervous System takes over and in the "Rest and Repair" state, the body begins to renew and restore itself on a cellular level.

All of these functions naturally happen while we're sleeping, but if you're having a hard time with that part, rest assured, you can still access that parasympathetic state just by spending a few minutes in conscious meditation.

Need a little guidance to get you there?

Follow along with this video from the Jen Hilman Community and gently enter into a state of relaxation and restoration.

3. Essential Oil

One of my favorite essential oils, and a true best friend when rest and relaxation are in demand, is Lavender. This oil has a multitude of benefits, not the least of which is aiding in relaxation, rest, and most importantly for our purposes, SLEEP!

There are several ways to use Lavender Essential Oil to your restful benefit.

  • Try adding a drop to the bottoms of each foot. Applying the oil to the soles of your feet will quickly distribute the oil to all the cells in your body. It only takes about 30 seconds for the oil to absorb into your blood stream and start circulating throughout your system.

  • Add Lavender into a diffuser at night. This is the perfect way to continuously breathe in the comforting, soothing scent as you drift off into a cozy, restful night's sleep.

  • Make a pillow mist mixing 1 part water and 1 part alcohol with 5-10 drops of Lavender oil. Mist on your pillow and sheets before you hit the hay. This is yet another way to enjoy the sweet smell as the Sandman comes to whisk you away.

Millions of Americans have troubles sleeping. Do you have any other suggestions, ideas, or remedies that work for you? Leave in the comments below.

For More Info and videos visit jenhilman.com or jenhilmancommunity.vhx.tv

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