How To Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Here we are, halfway through the first week of the new year. Hopefully you're off to a good start, maintaining your new daily rituals, and striving towards freshly made goals. Or maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum; didn't really set any goals for the new year or weren't prepared and forgot to start. I can certainly relate to the latter, and have often adopted the attitude that it was pointless to make a resolution, cause I'm probably not likely to keep it.

As 2017 drew to a close, however, I began pondering what that age old concept of a "New Year's Resolution" really meant. I found myself attracted to the desire to set new goals, to get clear on my desires, and to make small daily commitments that would add up to larger goals accomplished over the course of the year. But how do I know that I will be successful in my endeavors? How do I ensure I keep true to my resolutions?

Here's a simple guideline I created to make my goals for the new year attainable and actionable:

Speak In The Positive

In the past when I would try to make changes to my diet or my lifestyle, I would start by placing all sorts of limitations on myself (I will not..., I won't eat..., I'm stopping...) As you might imagine, I was never really too successful in my pursuit. Things started to turn around for me when I started thinking in terms of what I want to do MORE of and basing my choices around that. Choosing to eat more fruit instead of sugary deserts feels a lot more realistic than swearing off sweets or deserts. Eating more fruit, however, may actually quench your sweet tooth and help you move away from needing more intense sweets.

Be Gentle And Forgiving

Everyone falls off the horse from time to time, it's alright to make mistakes, or even bad choices. Although there are always consequences to every decision we make, making a choice that is contrary to your overall goal is nothing to beat yourself up over. We all need a cheat day, it's normal to need to let go of control every now and then, and to feel free to do what you want. When you give yourself that kind of permission to be exactly as you are, it becomes a lot easier to get back on the bandwagon after the fall. It's never too late to begin again, to recommit, and to keep going on the path of your heart's true desire.

Be Specific And Write It Down

The more specific you are in your intentions, the easier it is to make them come true and to noticeably observe your progress. For example: part of my resolution is to drink more water. Specifically, I am drinking two full glasses of water first thing in the morning before I do consume else. This specificity allows me to measure my success - not to beat myself up if I miss a day, but to celebrate my accomplishments and make adjustments as needed. Writing down your plan will help solidify it in your psyche and makes it more real. Write it in the present moment, not as something you will do, but as something you ARE DOING.

Get In Touch With Your Why

This is possibly the most important step in your successful resolution. As the days and weeks pass, we can lose sight of the real meaning behind what we're doing and then lose interest altogether. When you start from the beginning considering the "Why" behind your resolution, you can begin to understand the deeper value of what you're doing and connect to a higher sense of purpose in your daily commitments. Once you know your why, write it down, too, along with your specific action steps. This is your new daily mantra. Put it somewhere you can look at it and see it daily. This will reinforce your intention and your willpower to uphold your vision for the year.

Now that you have set some clear goals for yourself and developed a clear mindset, try following along with this guided meditation to help you remove any blockages or limiting beliefs that might hinder your success. This meditation can be used as part of your daily ritual helping you move closer to your goals every day and to break free from the things that tend to hold you back.

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