Stretch To Calm Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you are like millions of people, you sit in front of a computer 10+ hours per day for work, checking email, watching Netflix, reading this blog, etc. Think about all of times you strain your neck to read the phone in your hand. Technology can be awesome, however, you are

most likely experiencing strain in your neck and shoulders if you are a chronic user (like most of us!) It might feel tight, painful, and uncomfortable. No one likes to be in pain all the time. However, there are stretches you can incorporate into your work day or at home to help you ease the tension and relax those tight muslces.

Here are a few stretches I recommend that you can do in any comfortable seated postion:

1. Side neck stretch - shoulders rolled back, lift through your spine, and stretch your neck slowly to the left and the right, holding for two minutes on each side while breathing deeply.

2. Side arm reach - hold your arms above your head and gently hold one wrist with the other hand and stretch to the side while breathing deeply.

3. Seated half spinal twist - with shoulders rolled back, slowly reach one arm to the floor behind you while crossing the other arm to your opposite knee. You are twisting your body half way. With each deep breath, you can twist deeper in the pose.

For a full breakdown of stretching the neck and shoulders, you can follow along with this video from my new subscription channel. I have many more videos coming soon to help you ease all your aches and pains. Check it out for free for the first three days!

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