Lose Weight and Workout for Free

I don't know about you, but I feel like I just can't afford to workout the amount that I want to and in the intense way that I want to. Gym memberships, yoga studio memberships, etc... are climbing because of the growing trend to "get fit" and it's hard to keep up.

However, I realized that, HEY! you don't have to join a gym or a studio to get the results that you are looking for because with the growing trend of YouTube fitness videos you can workout and practice yoga as much as you would like for FREE!

This is awesome news, right?

Well, how many of you have successfully completed a long standing workout regime at home on your own with no instructor pushing you past your limits? For many of us, working out at home is almost harder than going to a gym because we can easily get distracted and press pause then come back an hour or two later saying "Oops! I forgot"

It's OK.

It is really hard to maintain a focused space in your home and that is why I am sharing these tips with you to establish a good routine on your own time that will get you in shape for free; just leave the thinking to me.

1. Find a notebook or a whiteboard where you can write out a schedule or workout plan.

Divide it up for the month. Be sure to alternate days between parts of the body. For instance, you may schedule Mondays as cardio and leg days; Tuesdays are abs and arms; Wednesdays (go back to Mondays) cardio and leg day; Thursdays (go back to Tuesday) are abs and arms; Friday can be a day to swim, practice yoga, or take your dog on a long walk keeping up a brisk pace.

I cannot emphasize this next tip enough. Be sure to document your REST DAYS. They are crucial to muscle development and healing. Now, usually my rest days fall on Saturday and Sunday because, let's be honest, I want to be free to hang with friends, be in my garden, go out and see a concert and that's ok. You must live your life in order for a fitness routine to remain sustainable. Then, Monday starts again and you continue the SAME workout routine/videos/ app that you used the previous week to eliminate over thinking, because overthinking may lead to quitting.

Make it easy on your brain to continue this and take out the guess work.

Keep to this calendar religiously for a month and see if you it suits your needs. I guarantee that you will feel good and this will motivate you to create another workout plan for the next month. Before you know it, you'll have stuck to a solid workout routine for 3, 6, 8 months or a year!

2. Alongside your new awesome workout calendar be sure to follow a healthy eating guide as well. Do some research on pre and post workout foods, clean foods or raw foods and eliminate all things that do not abide by those guidelines. Go through your cupboard and refrigerator and toss out some of the questionable items like chips ahoy and lays potato chips that might tempt you to cheat.

Now, the only "diet" you need to stay healthy and to see your fitness results is that of less boxed things, packaged and processed foods. Stick to produce, organic and responsible or ethical meats (if that's in your diet) and whole grains like rice or quinoa and it will help boost your workout routine and give your body what it needs to detox and get fit.

3. The last component of my at home workout success plan is to set aside a specific time everyday when you workout. It will strengthen your habit and commitment by, once again, taking the guess work out. Don't try to be a hero and tell yourself that you can do it at any time, any day of the week, because life gets in the way. You don't have to workout at the same time every day, just make sure that it is a part of that day's schedule so you're sure not to miss it. The second part to solidifying your schedule is by keeping your equipment or props needed for your workout in one space. Wherever you designate your workout space, keep your weights, yoga mat, yoga ball and other props close by so it's easy for you to roll out the mat and go!

Now, go out there, kick butts and take names!

I believe in you!

Check out my Post Workout stretch video to compliment your routine..

Looking for more great videos to inspire your free at home workout? Follow the link to find the workout plan that's right for you!


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