What Does it Mean to be Truly Healthy?

Is your level of health determined by your pants size? NO!

Is it how many miles you can run? NO!

Is it how long you can meditate and how often you do it? NO!

Is it what you eat? NO!

It’s when ALL of these aspects (and more)

are Balanced and working together!

Let’s flip the script on Health and Wellness to a more holistic approach.

We often have it in our minds that in order to be healthy we need to look a certain way or follow a particular diet, but in reality that way of thinking doesn’t actually move us towards full health and wellbeing.

We need to start thinking about

balancing our MIND, BODY and SPIRIT

in order to create a full picture of


Yoga is a great tool for achieving overall health and wellbeing because it helps you examine yourself in every aspect of your life.

It is inherently Holistic. It allows you to recognize where you are in the process of achieving total health so you can honor where you are doing well and help you move forward with improving the weaker aspects.

There are 8 limbs (aspects) of yoga and Asana (the physical practice or the poses) is JUST ONE ASPECT! There’s meditation, non-violence, breath-work, attitude towards oneself, the environment, and so much more.

The point is, yoga teaches us to look at our lifestyles as a whole, Unifying the parts of ourselves that need attending to in order to become Healthy, Balanced, trulyWell.

When you start to live your yoga practice off the mat, you can start to implement what you've learned towards your ULTIMATE Health and Wellness goals.

In my personal journey, I have found that there are are 7 Key Aspects of overall Wellness to be examined and addressed in order to live and experience a truly Healthy Lifestyle.

Return to the Self - Start by checking in with yourself. Where is your Mind, Body and Spirit? Are they aligned with your personal goals for wellness?

Expand Your Mind - Are your daily thoughts healthy and positive?

Tame the Mind - Meditation helps to unify the breath and the mind as a way to calm, ground, and center yourself.

Move Your Body - This is where our physical practice comes in, whether it be yoga, running, rock climbing, or whatever gets you going.

Feed Your Body - Whole nutrition, eating less packaged items and more fresh fruits, veggies, and whole grains.

Care for Yourself - Take time for Self Care, to nurture and honor your Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s not Selfish to Love Yourself! (Repeat that to yourself every day!)

Give Your Gifts - Share your passions and do things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. When you share your passion with others it reminds you of your Purpose in life!

Feeling inspired to start practicing now?

Here are some videos to help you begin to EMBODY some of these 7 ASPECTS of Health.

~ Try my guided Meditation Video to help you relax and relieve stress.

~ Learn How to Give the Gift of Relaxation to a loved one with this Relaxation Massage Video

~ Give back to your Body after a long day at work with this NEW Yoga Flow

PS: If you found this interesting and want to know WHERE you are on YOUR journey and WHAT you can do to take the next steps forward, STAY TUNED!

On Monday (April 1st- No Jokes here!)

I will be making a special announcement that will help you kick start your total wellness journey with ME!

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