Grocery Shopping for Optimal Health

Nutrition is an absolutely essential part of achieving and maintaining optimal Health an Wellness.

Without a proper diet, your efforts to feel your best can be thwarted by processed foods.

The challenge is that processed foods add convenience to our lives.

Quick and easy processed foods make life quick and easy.

The good news is that balanced nutrition doesn't have to be hard and when you take baby steps towards a better diet, one day at a time, you may be surprised just how good a healthy diet can make you feel!

When it comes to making the switch to a healthier diet it’s important to remember these tips at the store:

~ In general, stick to the perimeter of your grocery store, this is typically where your fresh produce, meat, fish, eggs, bread, milk lives. The "processed" foods tend to be stocked in the aisles; things like chips, crackers, cookies, boxed foods, instant foods, etc. The one exception is that many grocery stores are starting to offer items in bulk. You'll likely find these in an aisle of their own where you can select organic whole grains, rice, nuts, flours, granolas, trail mixes and more.

~ Read the labels: Companies like Nabisco, Kraft, General Mills, etc. often hide harmful ingredients in their foods. Just because it's a household name, doesn't make it trustworthy. Be willing to try things that are the "off" brand.

~ Don't buy things that will make you tempted to cheat. There are plenty of opportunities to eat foods that don't support our well being when we go to restaurants, purchase from a vending machine, go to a holiday party, or wherever. Don't make your life harder by filling your pantry with foods you don't really WANT to eat. Make your kitchen an oasis full of healthy delicious foods you love to eat!

Learn how to choose the best things for your current lifestyle and budget. You don’t have to make it “All or Nothing”, try thinking “All or Something”. Eliminate processed foods gradually over time. You don’t need to cut your favorite foods immediately; you're not likely to maintain those changes. Do it over time. I like to focus more on what I'm ADDING in to my diet, as opposed to all the things I "can't have".

I know you may be thinking, “Those bulk aisles are so expensive!”. In reality, you are saving so much in doctor’s visits, co-pays, medications for an ill feeling gut or skin reaction and not-to-mention the energy saved worrying about what could be wrong with you.

Whole, minimally processed foods provide you with more energy, a balanced, healthy gut, a clear mind, and creates the proper environment for your body to heal and restore itself naturally.

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