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Let’s truth talk. We all want to feel good and achieve our best health, but life is full of responsibilities and obligations that take up so much of our days.

It can be hard to say “no” to work, the family and bill collectors in order to squeeze in 20 minutes a day for your workout or yoga practice. And all too often, we just don't value our own well being enough to make it a priority.

A healthy lifestyle takes work and commitment because as a society, we tend to value convenience over health, making it time-consuming and expensive. However, what’s more time consuming is suffering over our lack of health day in and day out.

Feeling chronic pain and stress will actually consume more time than work and our families combined.

Take my client’s story for example:

A long time client and friend of mine had gained a lot of weight in the years after her second child. She often complained of having low energy, pain in her back and feet, and difficulty sleeping, on top of some other ongoing health challenges.

She had a demanding career, working long hours and commuting nearly an hour each way to and from work. She was a busy mom, taking her kids to dance lessons, softball practice, theater practice, and all the rest.

For her to catch a meal at home was rare and she believed she just didn't have time for exercise. It was almost as if the only time she could take for herself were the stolen hours when she would come to get a massage from me.

So, I began to teach her my health and wellness techniques. She opened herself up, absorbed this new information, and started putting it into practice.

It has been nearly 8 months since she began her healing journey and her results have been astounding! She has transformed her eating habits and now prepares 75% of her own meals and, has been dropping the weight naturally and easily. Her stress levels have gone way down, she is sleeping better, and generally feels happier.

She has seen such great success because she has been using the key ingredient - Practice.

You see, living your best life isn't just about setting goals, it's about taking daily actions to support those goals.

If you want to see real change in your health, your energy, your outlook, you've got to make real changes in your day to day life. You've got to turn "Wellness Ideas" into your "Wellness Lifestyle".

My VHX channel is here to support your wellness lifestyle by not only offering yoga flow videos but also step-by-step recipes, meditation, essential oil informational videos, and DIY essential oil remedies to use in your everyday life because becoming healthy and well requires you to look at every aspect of your life and to find the balance.

My subscription channel is your one-stop shop to Wellness and it’s only one click away! And TODAY is the day to do it!

Why now? Today only, sign up for your first year subscription for $90! That is only $7.50 a month for unlimited access to my ever growing library of videos! This content is not on YouTube and cannot be found anywhere else on the web! Because I want to see your success, I am offering you an opportunity to get all access to these videos for an unbelievable deal!

Don't waste another minute making another excuse why not. Your path to wellness could take just 20 minutes (or less!) per day. In order to see that real change, you've got to take action. So here's your moment to show yourself how much you care!

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