Can We Really Heal Ourselves?

Your body has an incredible, innate ability to heal itself. Like any other organism, our bodies are constantly in a state of flux, striving towards equilibrium and balance. The body WANTS to be healthy and immediately goes to work healing itself whenever something goes wrong.

Our job, then, is to HELP the body by creating a conducive environment for it to do it's own healing work.

The problem comes when we rely too heavily on Western medicine practices, which rarely treat the body as a WHOLE, integrated, living system. Many contemporary medicine practices treat symptoms of disease, rather than the root cause. We must realize that all of the systems of our body are interdependent and each one affects the other.

We also have to consider that we are more than just a physical body. We have mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that all play an integrated role in our experience of Well Being. Beyond that, we have an Energy Body that has a profound impact on our health.

The human body (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) emits Electromagnetic Frequencies, or EMF, that can be measured and recorded. A healthy body emits frequencies in a certain range, while a body that is sick or unwell emits frequencies in another range. The scope of these frequencies creates an energetic field called a "Biomagnetic Field" and new research is showing the correlation between disease and the frequency of these fields.

What's more, researchers have also found a direct relationship with our emotional states and the frequency emitted by the Biomagnetic Field.

So what does this mean for us regular folks?

It means that there is potential for us as individuals to help our body heal itself simply by altering the frequency our energy body emits!

If this is starting to sound a little too far out, stay with me.

In the coming weeks I am going to show you exactly HOW you can start working with your own body's energy system and start experiencing greater health, vibrancy, and vitality!

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