Use Your Energy To Your Advantage

We have all heard the saying, "Mind Over Matter". There is a lot of truth to that statement, even beyond first glance. On one hand, the saying suggests that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. You set your attention on what you want to do and with consistent, dedicated action you can make it happen.

On a deeper level, we can consider that "Mind Over Matter" has even more subtle implications. Not only can you accomplish anything you set your mind to, your Mindset actually influences your every day experience of how you feel inside and out.

Last week we discussed the existence of the Human Energy Field. We have an Energy Body. It influences our physical well being and is influenced by our thoughts and emotions. There are more and more studies coming out that show us the direct correlations of our emotional state and our personal experience of wellness. With proper intention and attention you can transform your mental and emotional state and with continued focus, you will inevitably transform your physical well being.

Realizing the truth of this matter is extremely liberating and empowering. It also calls us into deeper examination and self reflection. What is it that you're continuously focused on? Are you constantly focusing on your illness or your pain? Are you fixated on how hard your life is or possibly even addicted to feeling bad?

Recognizing these tendencies in yourself is the first step to transforming them. Once you're ready to take action and do the work, you'll need tools to support your journey. If you have followed my Chakra Series on YouTube, you know how beneficial yoga and meditation can be for helping you move through the blocks and limitations that keep you from experiencing your ultimate health.

I've gotten so much great feedback from you all that I have created an all new, in depth chakra training program. The tips contained in this course will empower you with all the tools you need to begin to balance your energy, shift your mindset and emotional state, remove the blocks that have been holding you back and start to live your most empowered, vibrant life!

Click >>>HERE<<< for all the info on how you can get started on your ultimate path the Wellness!

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