Healing with Sound

You can think of your chakras as a swirling vortex of energy, very much like a whirlpool that continuously spirals back into itself.

Chakra's radiate vibrating energy outward, and also pull in vibrations from your environment. When a chakra is imbalanced, it may be taking in more energy than it is radiating, or putting out more than it is receiving.

When these imbalances occur we can experience a milieu of symptoms both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, there are many tools available to help us balance the input/output ratio of our chakras so we can experience a consistent flow of energy, vitality, and health in every aspect of our Being and our lives.

One very powerful tool we can use to balance our chakras is sound vibration. Any music theorist can tell you that different notes vibrate at different frequencies and that is why we hear different pitches in sound. There is a natural attunement of our body's energy field when we listen to music. That is why some music can literally make you FEEL good and that is why people enjoy going to the symphony or to the opera. There is a physical, sensory response when we are in the presence of sound waves interacting with our personal energy field.

We can use this information and this principle of attunement to chant or play certain sounds that will help to align the vibrational frequency of our chakras. And, you guessed it, each chakra has it's own Seed Sound that is optimal. See below...

Crown Chakra - Silence

Third Eye Chakra - OM

Throat Chakra - HAM

Heart Chakra - YAM

Solar Plexus - RAM

Sacral Chakra - VAM

Root Chakra - LAM

You can use sound any time you need a boost or to recenter yourself

1. find a comfortable seat

2. take three deep breaths

3. chant the desired seed sound three times

4. finish with one deep, cleansing breath.

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