Manifest and Liberate your Energy

Let’s talk about energy flow in the body.

The last few weeks we've been focusing on the chakras, what they are and where they reside. But these wheels of light are not singular and solitary in their function. They are interconnected and exchange energy with each other. One affects the other and each balances the whole. So what supplies these power houses with the energy that they disperse? What links them together?

There are three energy channels in the subtle body, the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.

The Ida is the feminine channel, to the left of the spine. It originates in the Root Chakra and spirals energy to the left nostril. It is associated with the lunar, comforting energy.

The Pingala is the contrasting masculine channel that flows to the right of the spine. It, too, originates in the Root Chakra and spirals up to the right nostril. This energy channel is associated with extroverted, stimulating energy.

The third channel, the Sushumna, interpenetrates the spine and is the central channel that carries energy both up and down the body. Activating this energy channel awakens the Kundalini Shakti, a life force energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. This awakening can feel like an electric current shooting up the spine, and can be achieved through breath practices, yoga, meditation, and can also spontaneously awaken on it's own.

How can we use this awareness to support our spiritual (and physical) journey towards wholeness?

Let us consider the currents of energy flow in these channels.

The current of Manifestation flows from the top > down, sending energy from the crown chakra down to the root, enabling you to manifest your ideas and dreams into physical, 3 dimensional reality (i.e. building that house you’ve dreamt of all your life).

The current of Liberation starts heavy and earthen. As your most basic needs are met, energy travels upward and lightens as it reaches your upper chakras. This is the spiritual pathway of awakening, releasing our attachments to the physical world and ascending into higher levels of education, understanding, and, ultimately, enlightenment (i.e. starting your career as a nurse because your soul craves caring for others).

In order to manifest your thoughts and dreams into reality, or to transcend your earthly desires, you must ground yourself in the current of manifestation and free yourself from physical limitations in the current of transcendence. These qualities can be attained through your chakra practice.

Are you ready to expand further into your understanding of your chakras, the channels and flow of energy, and specific exercises to help you?

Join me and hundreds of others I Choose Me Warriors in my new online Journey Through the Chakras program for just $49!

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