Healthy Road-Tripping

"Road trippin' with my two favorite allies Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies It's time to leave this town it's time to steal away Let's go get lost anywhere in the U.S.A."

- Red Hot Chili Peppers

With school almost in session you may be planning for one last summer road trip before fall semester fully sets in.

Stealing away to somewhere even just a few hours away and for just a few days can be all the soul needs to rejuvenate before several months of work, projects, and the upcoming holiday season. It's important, though, to keep in mind healthy eating while you travel. You probably associate road food with potato chips from the gas station and huge sodas or maybe even fast food. That's definitely a one way trip to indigestion, weight gain, fatigue, bloating, and many more unhappy side effects. So how do you prepare for an awesome adventure that includes lots of healthy foods that will sustain your journey the right way?!

Once I've got my gear packed and loaded, it's time to gather the snack pack! I love power packing my car with healthy fats, protein, fruits and veggies the day of and prepping some tasty treats the night before. Shorter trips may only require a few easy access snacks I can grab and eat while I'm driving so I don't have to waste time with unnecessary stops. On longer trips, I bring a small cooler with a few extra items so I can make myself a sandwich or grab something pre-made while I sit and enjoy a lovely view at a little road side rest stop.

Some really great items to have on hand are raw veggies cut into bite sized pieces and homemade dips like hummus and guacamole or freshly baked whole grain muffins. Check out my recommendations below for some of my personal go-to road snacks to make the adventure a lot more satisfying and delicious!

For a trip lasting 3-5 hours:

-Carrot sticks, Sliced Bell Peppers and Broccoli

-Nuts and Trail mix (Almonds, Cashews, Dried Currants and Carob Chips!)

-Dried fruits like Mango

-Sweet potato or Banana chips

-Pre-sliced apples and Peanut Butter

For a longer trip lasting 5+ hours, I recommend bringing a small cooler or insulated grocery bag with an ice pack including:

-Hummus with Veggies or Crisps

-Sandwich makings: Avocado, Tomato, Fresh Sliced Deli Meat, and Greens

-Grapes or other Fresh Fruits


-Whole Grain Muffins

-Veggie Patties

-Pre-Made Smoothies

Here's an easy recipe to make the day before or even the morning of for a tasty snack that's rich with healthy fats to satisfy your hunger and totally tasty and delicious!

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

All you will need is:

Chia Seeds

Non-Dairy Milk (This is where I usually reach for the can of coconut milk - I love that think, creamy, full fat texture!)

Sweetener of Choice ( Maple, Honey, Agave, Coconut Sugar, etc.)


Peanut Butter

Frozen Blueberries

Step 1: Mix one part chia seeds to one part milk and stir thoroughly.

Step 2: Add your other ingredients, stirring each one into the mixture.

Step 3: Once everything is mixed together, place your concoction in the fridge for 5-10 minutes. That’s all it takes for the Chia Seeds to set and then it’s ready to eat!

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer! Be sure to check out my videos on YouTube and practice while traveling to keep up your health along with these great food recommendations.

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