School lunches made easy, cheesy

Getting your kids to eat as healthy a you would like them to can be a difficult task. What's even harder is making them exciting, healthy lunches every day! I've got some great tips for healthy and easy lunches for you and your family's back-to-school needs.

Want to get to keep things exciting yet healthy?

Next up is my grocery list:

- Apple slices or cubes

-Organic seed bread or crackers

-Fresh sliced deli meats like Turkey and Chicken

-Organic local cheeses sliced or cubed

-Bright, green grapes

-Organic peanut butter and jelly

-Buddha Bowl Foods Himalayan Sea Salt Popcorn is one of my absolute favorites


-Veggie sticks like bell peppers, celery, jicama and carrots

-Organic yogurt (or coconut yogurt for a dairy-free, eco-friendly option)

PB&J Sushi:

-Take your slice of organic seed bread and gently press it to make it a bit flatter (or to eliminate this step just use a whole wheat tortilla)

-Spread a layer of peanut butter and then jelly

-Roll the slice just like a sushi roll and then cut into tiny sushi bites

Build Your Own Pizza:

-Add fresh tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese (organic) on some whole wheat pita bread. (Sauce and cheese can be in separate containers)

-Add some protein with quality meats and some color with veggies like olive, pepperoncini, arugula, or whatever strikes your fancy!

-Cut into quarters and enjoy!

Custom Lunchables! :

Lunchables had a great idea, but with GMO crackers, meats and cheeses filled with hormones and anti-biotics, it's hardly the "healthy" "food" you want to be sending off with your kids.

But the idea is solid! So why not build your own?!

Pack fresh fruits and veggies, lean, grilled meats and avocado or hummus!

The best part is, these can be made in advance for a quick grab and go option!

Which brings me to... a meal prep schedule!

This can be so important when things get busy and you can barely find time to even brush your teeth! So, let's start with Sunday Fun Day! You can make meal prepping a family activity. Think "assembly line". Cut and portion all of your ingredients and have your kids responsible for each packing task. This helps them by giving them something to do and teaches them mindful eating. If they are involved in the packing process they are far more likely to appreciate where their food comes from. You and your family can pack the next week's lunches for everyone in just an hour!

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