You Are Already a Self-Care Superstar

Feel like you don't have enough time to give yourself the

Love You Deserve?

The truth is, you already have self care routines everyday and


You just haven't realized that your simple, daily routines are actually self-care.

So many of you tell me that you don't have the time and wish you could squeeze self-care routines into your schedule, but I am telling you now that you already have a pretty solid self-care routine but most likely are lacking intention or attention, therefore, missing the part that brings you joy and peace.

Now, I hope I have you wondering: What do you do every day that involves some self care and self love?

Here are some examples of self-care that you are probably ALREADY doing: brushing your hair, shaving your legs, applying moisturizer to your skin, washing your face, eating a healthy snack, taking a nap when your body is tired, cleaning your house, blasting your favorite jam in the car, making yourself dinner, spending a few minutes writing in a journal.

These are all considered daily, maybe even mundane tasks, but what makes them self-care rituals is Setting Your Intention to be that of health, love and happiness and then Paying Attention to how these things make you feel.

"Set an Intention and then Pay Attention" ...the simple mantra for turning your everyday routine into a Self Care routine.

No matter how much time (or lack of time) you have in your day, there is always something that can be done to show yourself

You are Worth It.

I've created this little cheat sheet for you to make self-care a breeze and easily added to your every day schedule. Simply pick one and set your intention that this will be an act of Self Love and pay attention, actually feeling love for yourself, while you do it:

The 5 minute, On the Go routine:

-Brush your hair

-Massage on your favorite oil after a warm shower

-Massage your scalp with a deep conditioner

-Spend 5 minutes snuggling your fur baby

-Slice up your favorite fruit or veggie for a healthy snack

-Put on your favorite dance jam while getting dressed for work and dance while you get ready

10 minutes 9,8,7,6....

-Try a facial or mask

-Yoga videos with me!

-Brew yourself a tea and sip slowly, try to breathe and close your eyes for a nice warm tea meditation

-Stretch in your favorite PJs or sweats before bed

-Call a friend and have a quick catch up

-Whip up a smoothie

-Read a chapter from that book you've been meaning to get into

30 Minutes Cause You're Worth It:

-Take a warm bath with your favorite essential oils and soaps (maybe add some candlelight and fall in love with yourself)

-Try a nap and tea combo, power nap then wake up and brew your favorite tea to re-energize you

-Clean one room in your house that is dying for a nice scrub down

-Write out your day or a list of things you love about yourself

-Draw whatever comes to mind

-Have a solo dance party (or maybe invite the kids?)

60 minutes and all the time in the world!

-Cook a healthy meal from start to finish

-Give yourself that Mani+Pedi, there are some awesome how to videos on YouTube

-Get a massage

-Reorganize a closet

-Take a long walk with your dog

-Take a 45 minute class from me on my subscription channel

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