Detoxtober - Release & Restore

It's October

The leaves are changing colors.

The air is chilly and crisp

The winds of change are blowing.

Seeds, animals, and trees are turning over for the winter.

Fall is a season of change; not just for nature, but also for YOU!

As Mother Earth sheds the blossoms of spring and summer, Nature shows us what it means to let go, turn within, and gather your energy for a new birth. In turn, we are encouraged to follow suit, let go of excess and shed what no longer serves us.

All of nature is signaling the start of a time to let go of what once was and turn inwards for rest and reflection and eventual rebirth.

The process of release can be painful, tricky, and challenging, especially if you do not feel fully ready to let go. Ultimately, though, we must surrender whatever we're holding onto (even if it's something you really enjoy) in order to have open hands to receive whatever is coming next.

SO! This month we will be detoxing Body, Mind, and Spirit.

October is Detox month or #Detoxtober.

If you're feeling heavy or weighed down by life, overwhelmed by an endless list of things to do, or trying to take on more than you can really manage, then follow along this month and pick up some detox rituals to help you lighten the load and simplify your life.

First things first, ask yourself ...

  • What are some things that have been weighing you down?

  • Are they still relevant/necessary?

  • What will you let go of?

  • What changes do you want to make for yourself?

In the coming weeks I will be discussing ways to detoxify your diet, space (home/office/mind) and relationships. Learning how to let go of clutter, people and poor nutritional habits that are not serving you will clear the path to more positive options, healthier choices, and more nourishing relationships. This month I'm going to walk you through some of my favorite strategies for cleansing, clearing, and using the energy of this changing season to support your personal growth and evolution.

Stay Tuned: next week, we will be discussing my favorite Diet Detox Tips!

In the meantime, try following along with this guided meditation to help you tune in, let go of what is not needed, and set your clear intention for what you are calling in.

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