Are You Ready For More?


The yoga journey begins with one step; the choice

to try, to roll out the mat, to turn on a YouTube

video and explore the unknown.  For the last seven

years I have been guiding people to the mat to take

their very first steps on the yoga journey.  What a

blessing it has been to introduce so many of you

to this healing practice and to receive hundreds of

your emails sharing your success stories.  

The journey of yoga only begins there, however. This is the journey for a lifetime and I am proud to finally open the doors to my virtual online studio where I will be providing you all the necessary tools to embrace the healthier, happier life you desire.  

For the low cost of  $90 for the year (less than $8/month) you will receive unlimited access to:

  • All new yoga videos from beginner to advanced, for weight loss, injury recovery, pregnancy, and more

  • The return of massage videos, focusing on the ancient healing practice of Thai Yoga Massage

  • Brand new cooking and nutritional wellness videos to inspire a healthier diet

  • New videos released every week

  • Online community forum to ask questions and connect with other community members

  • Special promotions and discounts exclusively for community members

I am beyond excited to finally be able to meet the needs of my fans and followers through opening this new community. So what are you waiting for?  Follow the link below to start your free trial TODAY!