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Wellness Week Begins

April 22, 2019

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"Hi Jen, your yoga teachings have Changed My Life! I have thrown away my Tramadol and Codeine. I have suffered from spondylosis since my early 30's and was prescribed horrible medication which caused bad side effects. I have had Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Acupuncture but nothing, nothing has helped my body like your yoga does. I will always be in your debt, thank you! I want to learn to live a holistic lifestyle and you are the one I want to teach me." 

~ Helen 

Allow Me to Welcome You to the 

I Choose Me ~ Wellness Week Challenge!

This Comprehensive 7 Day Training Program Introduces You to

        Daily Practices that will kickstart new Healthy Habits and

         Promote Wellness in Every Aspect of Your Life. 


You will learn some of my favorite go to meals, meditation practices, and self-care rituals to help you

Feel Your Best Every Day! 

Each Day You Can Look Forward To:







Activities &


"In order to See Change

in Your Health and in Your Life, You have to be willing to Make Changes." 

And that's what Wellness Week is all about!   

Learning new tools to live your Ultimate Wellness, and connecting

to a Community of people who are sharing the same journey!

"Jen, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you. Since the age of 27 I have had two back surgeries for ruptured disc. I struggled with daily pain for all those years, and at least once a year I was laid up for a week at a time from pain. I ran across your videos and it Changed My Life. I have practiced your videos ever since. My back pain has been minimized. My range of motion is probably better than it has ever been.  You have extended my career for another 10 to 15 years!! Thanks again and keep up the good work!"

~ Robert

Here's what you'll need to prepare: 

Grocery List

Each day will feature a simple, healthy, quick and easy meal recipe.  Download this List so you'll know just what to buy when it comes time to shop! 

Essential Oils 

Although you can participate in Wellness Week without high grade essential oils, they ARE pretty essential to MY daily health habits and I am going to be showing you just how EASY it is to implement high potency therapeutic grade oils into your life. 

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All of your daily content will be delivered right to your inbox each morning.  The conversation really comes to life in the group where I will be going LIVE each day! 

"Wow Jen, it worked! I have chronic headaches often, including Migraines. Today instead of reaching for medicine I did this practice and I have some DoTerra peppermint oil and used it as suggested. I feel better! Headache went from an 8 to a 2 in intensity!"

~ Cindy

Wellness Week Begins

April 22, 2019

Don't Waste Another Minute  just Thinking about how much better you Want to feel.  Join the community as we Dive into Wellness Together and find out what it means to LIVE your Happiest, Healthiest Life!