Elevate Your Experience

          with the

           Healing Power

     of 100% pure,

                 therapeutic grade

  Essential Oils. 

Essential Oils have become an Essential part of my daily health care routine.  I absolutely love how easy they are to use and the many ways they can be utilized is virtually unlimited!  Wellness Week is free for anyone to join and you will learn so much in our time together.  For those of you that want to FULLY implement the recipes, tips, and strategies I'll be showing you, go ahead and choose one of the kits below featuring the Top Ten Must Haves!  

Home Essentials Kit

15 mL Top 10 Oils + Diffuser




Family Essentials Kit

5 mL Top 10 Oils + Beadlets




What to expect from the Top Ten:

Cooling, anti-inflammatory, respiratory and digestive support, headaches

Neutralizes odors, cleansing, uplifting, respiratory and digestive support

Immune support, sore throat, disinfectant

Supports healthy hair, skin, and nails, antibacterial, disinfectant

All things skin, calming, soothe headache, burns, and rashes, restful sleep

Sinus relief, seasonal allergies, sleep issues

Digestive support, upset stomach, bloating, cramping

Immune support, GI support, antibiotic

Skin, anti-aging, immune support, all of the above

Relieves muscle pain, achy joints, sports and injury recovery

On the fence about whether or not these oils are worth the investment?  Think of it like this, a single drop of DoTerra Peppermint essential oil is equivalent to about 28 cups of Peppermint tea!  With around 170 drops in one 15mL bottle, that's A LOT of healing potential!  

Because I want you to experience the benefit of these oils first hand, I am offering a FREE 30 Minute Wellness Consultation to every person that purchases either of these two kits.  Not only that, ordering your kit activates a one year wholesale account so you will save 25% off every additional oil you buy for the next 12 months!

There's a ton of value packed into those little bottles and during Wellness Week I will be showing you just what makes these oils so special!